Interlace is a collaboration between textile artists Ruth Singer & Bethany Walker using delicate, manipulated textile set into concrete. The two makers came together to explore the potential of Ruth’s textile manipulations with Bethany’s concrete compositions in new, organic forms.

Ruth’s inspirations for the textile elements comes from exploring the natural forms of leaves, petals, lichen and fungi. By creating fragile textile forms fixed into concrete, we explore making the ephemeral permanent and preserving memories set in stone.

Our work is created using a carefully-selected textiles, cut, stitched and manipulated to create organic structures, echoing fallen blossom or woodland fungus. These textiles are set into a mould and then fixed with cement, which solidifies into concrete, rendering the textiles permanent. Organic, tactile bowl-like forms give the work a soft, sensual feel which encourages touch.

The collaboration was been funded in 2014-15 by a-n’s New Collaborations fund, including mentoring from Stella Corrall.



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